Welcome to Tallinn Kalju Baptist Church! Services every Sunday at 11 am
As a multi-generational Christian family, we share the hope found in Jesus Christ.
We are also known as the Kalamaja Church because we’re in the Kalamaja district of Tallinn.
Our Chuch is located on the corner of Soo Street and Kalju Street.


- take Bus #3 from the city center to the “Kalamaja” stop on Soo Street, or
- walk from the Balti jaam train station along Vana-Kalamaja, Tööstuse and Kalju
Streets (approx. 12 minutes)

If you would like translation services, please notify us before the service.


We have many talented musicians who add to worship through contemporary worship teams, jazz ensembles, chamber music, and traditional hymns.
During the winter season we have Bible study and fellowship groups.
After Sunday service, please join us for coffee and fellowship in the Tetermann House adjacent to the church.


From September-May we have Sunday School for children ages 3-12 in the Tetermann House.
Read more about our fellowship and activities on our website. Detailed information can be found in the “Kuukava” (monthly program) link found on our home page.


In the early 1900s a German landowner living in Tallinn, Baron Woldemar von Uxküll, bought a tiny house (Soo Street 29) and some adjacent land for the recently-converted baptists to use for their services. There was a condition, however: that a stone church be built on the property within two years. The converts managed to meet the condition despite having limited financial resources. At one of the first services in the newly built church, the wealthy landowner dramatically stepped before the congregation and tore up the credit note, thereby granting the congregation ownership of the property and allowing them to continue their ministry debt-free. Of the many pastors who have served the Kalju congregation over the years, three have been Estonian Baptist Union presidents.

Pastor Andres Tetermann founded “The Pilgrim” (“Teekäija”) in 1904, the first and only Estonian Baptist magazine, which continues to be published to this day.
Evald Mänd (pen name Ain Kalmus), who was pastor in the 1930’s, was a well-known Estonian author and poet.

Some of our pastors have travelled to Canada and the USA to serve Estonian diasporic congregations in their native language.

The Kalamaja district, loosely translated as the Fishermen’s House district, has its roots in the 14th century. Fishermen, sailors, pilots, and others involved in merchant shipping and the fishery built small houses here to occupy during the fishing and shipping season.

The district is now undergoing rapid gentrification with its houses and apartments in high demand by many, including the hipster generation.

It is here that you’ll find our church, the only one in Kalamaja.

We are a stone’s throw—just a 15 minute walk— from the Old Town, which is visible from the church.